About Me

This website is designed to give an overview of the work I've done during graduate school. The publications section gives a general overview of the research I've been working on and includes a basic description of each of my publications. The project section details some of the things I've built both for my PhD and for my own amusement.

I'm working on finishing up my PhD in Kathryn Moler's group at Stanford University. The process of designing a low temperature physics experiment requires a broad knowlege base and the flexiblity to solve problems quickly. For me this has includoed developing skills that span many disciplines including mechanical design, analog and digital electronics and wiring, cryogenics, data acquisition systems and remote control, programming, and mathematical analysis. I am constantly learning new skills to attack the challenges that I encounter daily in the lab. I wear many hats and consider myself to be part engineer, part scientist, part programmer, and part designer.

In addition to my work in the lab, I enjoy traveling the world. In this past year I traveled to India, China and South Korea. Prior to starting graduate school I spent a year teaching high school in Shanghai China. Outside work, I enjoy hiking and biking in the hills surrounding my home in the San Fransisco bay area. I also play soccer in a local league.